GFW Impact Ratings

The GFW Impact ratings for September 7, 2017 are in.

Last night’s episode on Pop TV drew 227,000 viewers overall on Thursday night according to a report by

This is down from last week’s show that drew 268,000 viewers. Impact came in at No. 148 for the night on cable in the Top 150. The show didn’t rank in the Top 150 last week.

GFW Impact Ratings

Impact, headlined Eli Drake vs. Matt Sydal for the GFW Global Championship, averaged a 0.05 rating among adults 18-49, the same as last week.


  1. Brutal. Inching closer & closer to the 200,000 mark. The show simply sucks. There’s nothing and no one to see anymore.

  2. Yup, its embarrassing. They have him go over Lashley now also, what a joke. RIP TNA. Go and watch Kurt Angle’s TNA debut. Those were the days. Listen to the huge pop and the lively crowd, the look and feel of the show, and the awesome commentary by Don West & Tenay. They were the best wrestling promotion at the time, with the best roster. This company lost EVERYTHING.

  3. nobody was watching back then either, joe and styles only got popular after jumping ship.
    nobody watches roh and the others struggle too, wrasslin is just a dying memory with the term now only used sporadically during vinces ‘entertainment’ product.

  4. WAY more people were watching back then, when they were on Spike TV. They were doing over 1 million a week consistently! During Russo’s run, they even cracked 2 million viewers a couple times. The amount of viewers they draw today is abysmal. Btw, Joe & Styles made a name for themselves in TNA, not in WWE. Wrestling fans already knew who they were before they jumped ship. Just like how only wrestling fans know who most of the WWE guys are. Because (you said it yourself): wrestling is dying. The internet killed it, just like how the internet killed music and pretty much everything!

  5. Agree with everything you say except the internet killing wrestling. Vince McMahon, the man who made wrestling bigger in the 80s & 90s than it ever was before, is ironically killing wrestling. He destroyed his 2 biggest competitors, along with WCW & ECW also doing their best to kill themselves, then rested on his laurels to churn out the mediocrity that now plagues his company. Even now, he tries to buy up all the biggest stars in TNA/GFW, ROH, & New Japan in an attempt to put them out of business as well. WWE is now bigger & for some ungodly reason more profitable than it has ever been and is in an ongoing sick mission to swallow up all its competition while putting out garbage show after garbage show & garbage PPV after garbage PPV as the fans tune him out because of how lousy WWE has gotten.

    With no serious competition left to drive it to do better (in this country anyway), WWE creative has gotten complacent & lazy so a great many wrestling fans have gotten sick of the whole business and stopped watching & caring.

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