Impact Wrestling TV tapings

The first of many Impact Wrestling TV tapings have kicked off tonight in Mumbai, India. As noted earlier, Impact will be taping four weeks worth of television today and Wednesday. is reporting one early result from the tapings that saw Sonjay Dutt become the new Impact Wrestling X Division Champion.

We hope to have full taping results later today. If you are attending the tapings in India you can send all live reports to

Impact has taken over the Sony Six social media today and tweeted out these photos.


  1. Lame & predictable. They’re in india, so the indian wrestlers all of a sudden get better & win titles. I’m expecting Mahabali Shera will play a bigger role & may possibly win a title also, so dumb.

  2. Agree with you, and WWE does the same thing.

    What’s even more predictable nowadays is that a champion will usually lose a title in their hometown (instead of winning it).

    And that being said, Sonjay Dutt should have beat Jay Lethal for the title back when he was doing the “Machismo” gimmick in 2007. Ten years later, the Impact X-Division championship means nothing.

  3. Congratulations Sonjay! No longer can he be called “The Best X Division Wrestler Never to Hold the X Division Championship.”

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