Impact Wrestling

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner made his return to Impact Wrestling at the TV tapings held on Sunday night in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

Twitter user @SirOwenDisney shared the following photos on Twitter revealing Steiner’s return to the company, his first appearance since 2011.

Steiner’s return under the new Jeff Jarrett led regime comes after an ongoing lawsuit Steiner had with the previous Dixie Carter administration. TNA filed a lawsuit against Steiner back in 2012 claiming breach of contract and for making “disparaging remarks about the company, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and others.” The lawsuit was officially dismissed in 2016, with Steiner denying he ever agreed to never disparage the company when opting out of a new deal. Hogan, Bischoff and Prichard had left TNA when the lawsuit continued.

Per the storyline that has been playing out at TV tapings this past week in Orlando, Steiner will team with Josh Mathews against Joseph Park (aka Abyss) and Jeremy Borash at the upcoming Slammiversary PPV on July 2.

We will have a full report from the tapings later tonight.

Source: @SirOwenDisney


  1. yay, Scott Steiner is back, Decay is no more, & they turned Abyss into Joseph Park again. TNA is saved. (:(

  2. I don’t know. Seeing Old Man Steiner lumber around the ring with Josh Mathews as his tag team partner against Abyss’ lousy alter ego with Jeremy Borash wrestling as his partner doesn’t sound that good to me. Especially not at their biggest PPV.

  3. after matt and jeff left, the decay faction ened up in limbo. so it was time for the group to end. besides i want to see more wrestlers wrestling in single competition than having a group of wrestlers bunched together in some gimmicky faction. tna needs to get back to that.

  4. Actually Crazzy Steve leaving TNA is what pretty much ended Decay but that doesn’t mean they had to bring back that sh*tty, played-out Joseph Park character. XP

  5. Sounds more to me that TNA is going back to the era that all of the fans complained about while Jarrett and Dutch just said (at the event I was just at on WM weekend) they were basically going back to creating the type of new talent that put them on the map and not the established talent approach and that more focus would be on making the xdivision great again. They did put the xdivision in the main event recently but compiled with everything else that’s being rehashed it makes it all seem like a rehash of the past rather than a reboot where they were pushing the Xdivision during that era as well.

    Dixie took all of the blame for that era and now Jarrett is doing the exact same storylines (at least some of them were new the first time) so was it all Dixie or…

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