Global Force Wrestling

During last night’s “live” episode of Impact on Pop TV, Karen Jarrett briefly announced that Global Force Wrestling has now officially merged with Impact Wrestling.

This move had been expected as Jeff Jarrett, the founder of Global Force Wrestling, revealed in an interview during WrestleMania weekend that both Impact and GFW were “becoming one” in the weeks and months going forward since his return.

GFW was launched back in April of 2014 after Jarrett had departed TNA Wrestling, although still remaining involved with TNA with a minority ownership. Jarrett quickly began forming partnerships with various wrestling promotions in both North America and overseas.

In 2015, GFW presented a series of live events at minor league baseball stadiums in what were the first official events for the company. The promotion then held television tapings in July and October for a yet to be announced distribution platform for what was then called “AMPED TV.” Those tapings featured a host of former TNA talent including Sonjay Dutt, Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Magnus. New champions were also crowned at the tapings.

Almost two years later, the television tapings were never released through a television outlet or any online digital platform. GFW at one point announced a deal with A. Smith & Co. Productions to produce an “all-new wrestling show” that was likely to be footage from the AMPED TV tapings in Las Vegas from the prior year. Despite the announcement, the show was never released and the GFW TV taping footage still has yet to be seen.

While still the owner of GFW, Jarrett made a surprise return to TNA in the summer of 2015 and took part in the main event of the Slammiversary PPV. Jarrett was given the opportunity to promote GFW on TNA television for a few weeks and later captured the King of the Mountain Championship at the Slammiversary PPV. This was during TNA’s time on Destination America before announcing a TV deal with Pop TV in November. spoke with Jeff Jarrett back in 2015 regarding any plans for a television deal for GFW. At the time, Jarrett hesitated to commit to any sort of an announcement with a television partner and even suggested that a traditional television deal was not something they were looking for with the introduction of the WWE Network and the overall popularity of other streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and more.

Jarrett has yet to officially comment on the “merger” as of Friday morning as he is currently pushing the debut of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV in the UK this week. The company is continuing to hold television tapings for Pop TV the rest of this weekend while hyping the upcoming Slammiversary PPV on July 2.

Either way, Global Force Wrestling appears to be officially done.


  1. Interesting. Hopefully this time around Jeff Jarrett will learn from his mistakes and not trust people like Dixie Carter to run his business.

  2. So it’s like saying The Easter Bunny is now going to work along side Donal Trump… one sucks and the other is imaginary.

  3. well i could have told you GFW would fail. they never could get a tv deal done to put GFW on the air. that and it was too much like tna. hell lets face it, it was tna, they used the same 6 sided ring as tna and used tna wrestlers, it was like a tna clone.

  4. You mean the same Dixie Carter that kept TNA going way beyond when it would’ve folded otherwise? I get it, she made a lot of boneheaded decisions, but Jarrett sold to her because the company was losing money hand over fist.

  5. Not to be critical but you do know Jarrett had no choice and TNA wouldn’t have existed without the infusion of cash he got from Dixie and couldn’t get elsewhere. Truth be told, other than founding TNA and being solid (seemingly) on the booking and partnership side, Jarrett owned TNA for roughly a year and nothing indicates it would have survived beyond that but with Dixie coming on board (for better or worse) and her ultimately refusing to let the company fold when many feel she should have, it’s safe to say TNA wouldn’t be around 15 years later.

    For ALL of the bad that TNA did under her watch you can’t honestly say it was a mistake on Jarrett’s part as it’ seemingly the only way TNA would still be a topic of conversation today.

    I’m thinking you may not have known the history of TNA from the days when it was about to fold but I’m a way bigger fan of Jarrett’s than Dixie’s BUT it didn’t succeed under his watch when he actually owned it with his Father and he had 3 years with GFW and it seemingly made less ground than TNA’s first 3 years so even as a fan of Jarrett’s I can see that when the evidence supports a spade being a spade, it probably is!

  6. Will this stop his ‘major impending industry changing news’ youtube videos, or do we just change the name?

  7. Um…ok. GFW was pretty much a non-entity anyhow. They had zero televised shows & did a few cheap shows at a ballpark. Big deal.

  8. Even money says that the GFW episodes that did get taped might eventually turn up on DVD, just as the XWF tapings at Universal Studios Florida in 2001 did.

  9. SO sad, another promotion sinks into the boneyard of failure. This was an actual promotion right?

  10. Welllll, technically GFW did briefly get some TV time on Impact as a rival company to TNA if anyone counts that–for all the good that did.

  11. Well Jarrett did already bring back that misogynist, camera-hogging @sshole Bruce Prichard after he horribly botched his duties as talent relations manager then sabotaged the Knockouts his first time there. Seems to me that like Dixie, Jarrett doesn’t learn from past mistakes that well.

  12. Hey, don’t be so mean to the Easter Bunny. He can’t help he sucks. To many little kids. XD Trollope

  13. And yet how many fans were talking about how GFW was going to be the next big thing in pro wrestling? With no revenue, how successful can Jarrett be?

  14. Hate Dixie all you like but without her and the Panda money, TNA would have been extinct when Jarrett ran out of money.

  15. President Trump kicks ass…You might want to read Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. Then you’ll learn about delusional thinking.

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