WWE No Mercy Review

WWE No Mercy Review 10/9/16
WWE No Mercy Review
October 10, 2016
By: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

It’s no secret that I’ve been raving about the Smackdown Live brand for weeks. Ever since Backlash, WWE seemed to hit this new gear with the blue team and really put forth interesting television shows with feuds you could actually get interested in.

In doing just about the polar opposite of RAW, characters on Smackdown were actually getting into conflicts with very basic premises without needing an authority figure constantly involved. I was really looking forward to No Mercy after a solid few weeks of TV.

Then it was revealed on Sunday afternoon that the scheduled AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose triple threat main event would be opening the show on Sunday night. I saw the tweet on my feed and had to scratch my eyes to make sure I was reading this correctly. WWE, in a move likely due to heavy competition from the second Presidential Debate, called an audible to have easily the hottest angle going into No Mercy open the show.

After RAW completely bombed in the ratings going up against the first Presidential Debate a few weeks ago (going up against an estimated 81 million viewers), I get the concern and why the company would want more people to see the most important match on the card. It’s still an interesting move and set a completely different vibe for the show going forward. With only a few hours to digest this decision, WWE trudged forward and made a go for it.

WWE opens the show with a bang

While it took a few minutes to try and focus on a main event opening a major WWE event, the unique situation didn’t take anything away from the interest and delivered on what was easily the highlight of Smackdown the last few weeks involving AJ Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose. We even went a full 21 minutes without a Tower of Doom spot. I was really impressed with everyone involved tonight and how they were able to keep up a very good pace with lots of teases. While the tap out scenario with Styles was creative, WWE really did a poor job of explaining what was next and why the match was continuing. Regardless of the confusion, I liked the heel presentation of Styles taking advantage of the triple threat No DQ rules and picking up another pinfall over Cena.

Very average main event

When I saw Dolph Ziggler head to the ring with plenty of time remaining I started to heavily question WWE’s call by going with Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt to close the show. While I get the overall goal with Wyatt’s creepy presentation, I found the backstage segments in recent weeks between Wyatt and Orton to be very corny. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised and while it definitely wasn’t the worst match I’ve ever seen, it still left a lot to be desired and closed the show with a very “well, that happened” vibe. It’s good to see Luke Harper back and I did like the finish sequence involving that. And hey, Bray Wyatt even got himself a pinfall victory in WWE. I’m just not super interested in this feud and it really feels like The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler would have been a better call to close the show.

Dolph Ziggler keeps his job

With a lot of TV preview screenshots floating around Twitter and Facebook the last few days, it seemed that a majority of wrestling fans felt Dolph Ziggler was on the way out and we would see the continuing reign of The Miz on Smackdown Live. What we ended up getting was another solid match between Miz and Ziggler with Ziggler overcoming lots of outside interference and a superkick (without a boot) to seal the deal to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion and keep his WWE career intact. We need these feel-good babyface moments every once in a while from this company and I thought WWE delivered with Ziggler’s post-match celebration. Miz was just as great selling the outcome. The brand split has done wonders for both guys and I look forward to what we get next.

Random Thoughts

* I can totally get behind the troll presentation of Curt Hawkins.

* Nikki Bella hasn’t missed a beat in the ring since her return.

* Glad to see WWE stick with Heath Slater and Rhyno as tag champions.

* Jack Swagger is in danger of hitting Vaudevillains/Ascension territory.

* Loved the reaction from Alexa Bliss with her loss to Naomi.

Final Impression

55% of our readers gave No Mercy a thumbs up on our official Twitter poll. It should be noted that another 35% didn’t even bother to tune in live.

I’m not really sure if it’s fair to put this show up against Backlash or really any other WWE PPV presentation this year given the audible that was called to open with the main event. Regardless of the weird vibe, we got a solid opener with Styles, Cena and Ambrose and a great match out of Miz and Ziggler. We aren’t getting another Smackdown-only show until December so it will be interesting to see what the brand sets up until Survivor Series. Overall, a pretty good show from WWE on Sunday night. Not great, but not bad.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your No Mercy thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Will Ziggler be a 1 day IC champion like Zack Ryder was though? Tune in tomorrow night to see. Or just read about it here on Wrestleview. 😀

  2. ………Will Ziggler be a 2 day champ like……um…..Christian was a 2 day champ when he lost the WHC title on SmackDown after winning it at……
    Ah, well you know what I’m getting at.

  3. 3 Way Title Match: Fantastic. From start to almost the finish, this match fired on all cylinders. My only issue with the finish is that they did not explain clearly why the match continued after AJ tapped. This has to set a precedent for future 3 way dances if a guy/girl gets locked into a submission and taps out to get out of them but still has a chance to win. The AJ Styles Rule?

    Nikki vs Carmella: Surprisingly pretty good. Carmella had a few clunky spots but they told a great story with the attack on Nikki’s neck.

    Tag Match: It was just there. I like the dark side of The Usos but it just felt like another match on TV to me.

    Corbin vs Swagger: I personally love these two big boys colliding. I am looking forward to the rubber match between the two later on.

    Ziggler vs Miz: The match of the night to me. Incredible emotion and obstacles being thrown out in Zigglers way for him to overcome. Both guys worked their butts off in this match and Miz continues to be the Comeback Player of the Year. I hope Ziggler can get back on track with this title win.

    Alexa vs Naomi: I HATED seeing Alexa lose. WWE had done a good job at making her into a credible challenger but threw it away with this loss.

    Wyatt vs Orton: I am just not into Wyatt. His match was way too slow and dragged on and had no real spark. I have been saying if Wyatt wants to go far, he needs to dump this Wyatt Family and fly solo. As long as they’re pulling him down, he wont be a main eventer

  4. A few of my feelings-

    Mauro and JBL gel so well together but David Otunga ruins it.

    Good for Naomi to win actually, not her best showing but she has been one of the best Women the wwe has and I want to see her get her due-

    Dolph Ziggler AND Miz were on Fire.

    Baron Corbin is lame, Jack Swagger is lamer-

    I hope the title picture on smackdown mixes up for survivor series.

  5. The 3-way was great. The false finish feels like a definite continuation of some form of this feud into Survivor Series.

    Liked Nikki vs. Carmella. Really enjoying the Carmella heel turn and her Code of Silence submission is the perfect play to Nikki’s neck.

    I’m loving this combination of Slater and Rhyno. Slater is massively over with the crowd in this current role, and it’s great that they can use that connection with the crowd to make Rhyno feel pretty big again when his career looked to be all but over.

    I’m a Jack Swagger fan for reasons I can’t quite explain. I want him to live up to the title push he got when he first emerged from ECW. I hope he can make re-kindle something on SmackDown.

    I hope they’ve gotten Ziggler back on track with this win over the Miz. Both guys worked their asses off this match. I’d like to see just a hint of Dolph’s cockiness come back with this win. Maryse is a great compliment to the Miz. She works as a valet for him because Miz can match her personality.

    I actually like the call for Naomi to beat Alexa. I love Becky Lynch, but right now, she doesn’t have the feeling of being a hit above the rest of the SmackDown women’s division as champion. I think they’ve got a lot of really talented characters and I don’t mind right now having this division being really, really muddy as far as a pecking order.

    I hope Wyatt and Orton is building to something pretty big. I’m glad to see Luke Harper back and apparently ready to go. Personally, with the brand split, it’s hard for me to believe we’re not going to see Wyatt as this brand’s champion at some point. I can really see a potential split with the rest of the Family eventually, and possibly pushing Wyatt as something more aggressive as a heel.

  6. very good PPV, i thought. shame Becky got pulled.
    storming matches to open, and from DZA & MM, another snore fest from Orton as usual, more lying around and rest holds than actual wrestling.

  7. The whole arena went into sleep when Curt Hawkins stepped into the ring…
    I think most people already forgotten this former “Edgehead”

  8. Was at the show. I don’t think anyone in the arena knew the main event would go on first.
    Everyone expected a huge angle at the end of the show, but all we got was Luke Harper (all but one smark who said “It’s WWE, they’ll . it up at the end, I’m sure.” Dude was right.)
    Everyone in the arena was fully into the amazing Miz-Ziggler match. That alone was worth the money.
    Overall, a solid B+ show

  9. And everyone I was near assumed AJ was eliminated. So none of us saw the ending coming, I think. Really weird scenario

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