TNA Bound For Glory

TNA Bound For Glory 2016 Predictions
TNA Bound For Glory 2016 Predictions
October 1, 2016
By: Gerald Bocook of

Bound For Glory may go down as one of the most tumultuous pro wrestling events this millennium. With all the behind-the-scenes drama going on, until the announcement just a bit ago that funds have been secured for the event, the whole thing smacks of the dying days of WCW and ECW.

And given that the product has been improving over the last year or two, it’s a damned shame. But, let’s not allow ill omens to ruin what could be an excellent event!

Let’s go down the list.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Maria (c) vs. Gail Kim

Prediction: Gail Kim, of course. They’ve built up the idea of her being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame as the Knockouts Champion so much, and the match itself has been building for nearly a year, that I just can’t see Maria retaining.

”Bound For Gold” Gauntlet Match
Entrants confirmed: Basile Baraka, Eli Drake, Braxton Sutter, Shera, Baron Dax, Tyrus, Grado, Rockstar Spud, Jessie Godderz and Robbie E

Prediction: Eli Drake. I don’t seem them going with Tyrus a second year in a row, the tag team guys won’t pick up the victory, Spud and Sutter have each other to deal with, and Grado is… Grado. I do see one possible monkey wrench in here, and that’s Cody Runnels. They haven’t exactly said what the Grandson of a Plumber would be doing on his debut, and I could easily see them putting Cody into the match and giving him the victory.

Singes Match
Mike Bennett vs. Moose

Prediction: Mike Bennett. This’ll be a long feud, and I really see Moose taking the fall here due to tons of shenanigans.

TNA Grand Impact Championship Tournament Finals
Aron Rex vs. Eddie Edwards

Prediction: Eddie Edwards. If Drew Galloway wouldn’t have gotten himself injured, I would’ve predicted Aron Rex to win, with Drew’s anger getting the best of him and allowing Rex to pick up the victory. But, with the replacement of Eddie Edwards, I can see them going for the dark horse and not just giving Aron Rex a title to try and shove it in the nose in WWE, cuz WWE don’t care. Eddie Edwards has jack squat going on, Rex has lots more to do. Give the belt to Eddo.

TNA World Tag Team Championships – The Great War
The Decay (c’s) vs. Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero

Prediction: After the brutal battles waged on the last episode of Impact, I gotta go with the Hardys. It gives Matt Hardy something to do that will keep him away from the Championship of thu Wourld, and it gives Decay the chance to chase the belts again.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship – No Holds Barred
Lashley (c) vs. EC3

Prediction: This one could go either way, but I really think Carter is going to win. I just don’t see anywhere else for Lashley to go or to beat, so giving Carter the Championship puts Lashley in the hunt. Unless Cody wins the Bound for Gold match, in which case, the belt stays on Lashley and we get to see the former Rhodes Scholars fight over the chance to take on the Champ.

So, apparently, I’m expecting Bound for Glory to be a huge, seismic change for Impact Wrestling, with every Championship predicted to change hands. Well, depending on what Cody does, anyway. But beyond that, will this be the end of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling?

I guess we’ll see.


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