Josh Boutwell reviews Impact Wrestling for 7/22/15

The Final Impact
July 29, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

TNA’s massive stretch of horrible programing continues with yet another really bad week of Impact. For someone that has thoroughly enjoyed Impact all year long, and really since last summer, it has become almost a chore to do these recaps the last month or so. For the second straight week we only get three matches and way too much filler BS all night. I understand they have had to fill in each week with filler because of the Hernandez situation but it has been really bad, and the booking has been horrendous for the most part.

The opening segment really rubbed me the wrong way for a number of reasons. First off, Austin Aries trashing the X-Division was a complete 180 on pretty much everything Aries has said since the beginning of his TNA career. He has always built the X-Division up and now he just turns to shitting on it suddenly, why? That did nothing but make the X-Divison sound and look like crap. Spud was fine in his bit but they completely hotshotting this match for the simple reason that Aries’ contract was expiring and they wanted to cover their butts in case he refused to re-sign. Thankfully Aries is going to be brought back it seems but I hate when TNA does crap like this setting up a big stipulation match like that with little to no damn build at all. It’s frustrating as hell and something TNA has done constantly over the years.

So they are trying to build Melendez up and get this feud with EY heat yet EY beats Melendez clean, yet again, in about 3 minutes. Okay so why the hell do I want to see Melendez ever face him again? What the hell kind of sense does that make? I’m sorry I know some probably think I’m a piece of shit for saying that I couldn’t care less about a war hero but I just don’t care about seeing Melendez in the ring. He is below average in the ring in my opinion, he can’t talk, and TNA is simply banking on his military past to give him babyface sympathy and hopefully lead to him being a star despite not being ready to be on TV at this point.

Marti-Brooke was yet another booked match that made no sense to me. You got Bully in the opening segment telling Aries, a former World Champion, that he hasn’t EARNED a World Title shot yet Marti Bell, who has won what maybe 2 matches total in TNA, get a Knockouts Title? What in the hell kind of sense does that make? Not to mention it was about four minutes and boring as hell.

I love the fact that they are trying to give Tigre Uno more screen time and I like getting to know him but it is kind of the opposite of the point of a masked wrestler. A masked wrestler is supposed to be mysterious, hence the mask, so it is just goofy seeing said masked man walking down the street in his mask with his children. And not to mention the only reason they even are doing this is because of the controversy with that jackass Trump. I love Tigre getting more shine but just let him have awesome matches and not worry about Donald Trump.

The second hour was thankfully MUCH better than the first but still there was only one damn match in that entire freaking hour which is just ridiculous.

The promo between EC3 and the Hardyz was really solid and it was cool seeing Jeff again to support his brother. I’m definitley looking forward to EC3/Matt as I think it will end up being the set up for an eventual feud between EC3 and Jeff when Jeff is healthy again.

The Main Event was a solid TV Main Event and it was cool seeing Mickie and Serena one last time, and it is unfortunate that both are retiring for the moment. It was a good close to that feud and the babyfaces win in the end. It still would have benefiting with more time.

Jeff’s induction came off as sincere and heartfelt and it was cool to see that as Jeff honestly, despite how I personally feel about him, should have been one of the first two people inducted into that Hall of Fame. It is nice to see the two sides burying the hatchet and about to start what seems like it will be a lengthy relationship between TNA and GFW. I’m truly hoping the next few weeks will be a couple steps up from the last few weeks of bad TV. The last hour saved this show from being the first F I’ve graded in quite some time.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Hardyz/EC3
Match of the Night: The Revolution vs. Mickie & Magnus (**1/2)
– Overall Grade: D-

Scheduled for “No Surrender” Next Week:
TNA World Title Full Metal Mayhem: Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Matt Hardy
– Austin Aries vs. Rockstar Spud (if Aries wins then he takes Spud’s “Rockstar” name and if Spud wins then Aries must leave TNA)
– Bram vs. Mr. Anderson
– Eli Drake vs. Drew Galloway
Handicap Match: Gail Kim vs. The Dollhouse