Josh Boutwell reviews Impact Wrestling for 7/22/15

The Final Impact
July 22, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

The best way I can describe tonight’s Impact is that it felt very much like an extended house show but just with a lot shorter matches. There was no energy or intensity to absolutely anything we saw in the ring though a few of the promos did have the fire that the wrestling lacked. 2015 has been an awesome year, in terms of the product TNA has put on TV in my opinion, but the last couple of weeks have been just downright bad. That continued this week.

The opening segment with the Jeff Jarrett announcement was fine but I still don’t understand why they aren’t going to induct him at Bound for Glory.

The Magnus/Bram match was fine but just felt flat and we have seen those two wrestle in so many more intense matches that it just felt weird that they were randomly thrown out there for another Street Fight. Tonight we got a Street Fight, a Chain Match, and a Tables Match in pretty much gimmick matches for the sake of doing gimmick matches. Did Vince Russo book this crap?

The promo from Storm was strong and it was really cool to see Serena Deeb again which will probably be our last time. I’ve always thought she was gorgeous and criminally underrated in the ring so it sucks to see her retire, but hopefully the match next week will send her off in a really positive way even if the angle is far from positive.

Taryn Terrell’s whiny promos are not what I want to see but I like her intensity and they are building to what I assume will be an entertaining six woman tag between the Dollhouse and Kong, Gail, and Brooke.

Eli Drake’s promo was the best of the night and I really look forward to see what he can do, and what this feud with Drew will be like. Both are solid on the mic and really good in the ring so at it should be pretty good.

I absolutely despise them airing recycled matches on TV especially a match from weeks ago let alone one that was at least twice as long as any of the new matches shown. That was just terrible and they really better be filming new material to put in place of the stuff they have to scrap because of the Hernandez issue because I don’t think I can take much more of that crap.

The Chain Match just felt so random to me, EY is supposed to be feuding with Chris Melendez so they put him in a Chain Match with Rockstar Spud? What the hell? I’m at a loss for words at how stupid that is.

The Tables Match was fine I guess but it was way too rushed, probably about 5 minutes of total in ring action. Not near enough time for them to tell any kind of story or even enough to do enough spots to make it very interesting. Just more filler honestly. Things need to pick back up and in a hurry with Impact. Everything feels random and disjointed to me.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Eli Drake’s promo
Match of the Night: Tables Match (**1/2)
Overall Grade: D

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Mickie James & Magnus vs. James Storm & Sereena Deeb
– Eli Drake vs. Drew Galloway