The Final Impact
July 15, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

Bully Ray back on our TV’s is most certainly something we can be happy about, but I am really surprised TNA has brought him back as an authority figure rather than a wrestler. I’m pretty confident that he will eventually find his way back to the ring which is why I wish TNA would just go to someone like Mick Foley or Jim Cornette (very unlikely I know) that has some name recognition, is completley retired, and can talk to be the authority figure. We damn sure don’t need a heel authority figure anytime soon so I’m glad we have babyface Bully for the time being. This is probably a trial run for him for his future away from the ring. Dixie was horrible in her role, she is such a bad actress, but what she said was at least positive.

The Battle Royal sucked, that’s really all I can say about it. I don’t really like Battle Royal’s at all anyway but that one was just super boring in general.

The X-Division Title was solid for the time it was given but unfortunately that was not a lot of time. Tigre looked great and I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Zema have a series of matches together. Grado just does not interest me at all but I can’t lie, a team with he and Spud might actually be entertaining if Spud can pull some more out of him.

Re-airing the Storm/Magnus match was really lame. I get they got kind of screwed over in the Hernandez situation but you have to blame yourself there if you are TNA for not finding out for sure if Hernandez was free of his contract. Just another blunder by TNA.

The Knockouts Match was solid but it is just so odd that they keep hyping up how long Terrell’s reign has been just to end it on a random Impact with little to no build. With that said Gail was awesome in her role and I like this new dark character she seems to be going towards. Gail needs a little bit of a reboot so this will be interesting.

Eric Young was awesome in his psychotic role and I have to give Melendez kudos for the way he sold that Piledriver especially since I’ve been pretty hard on the guy so far.

The Main Event was okay but it really could have used another 5-10 minues to build towards the finish. Both guys worked hard and it was good while it lasted, but the finish really hurt it for me. Though I am interested in seeing what Galloway and Drake will do in their feud. Those are two guys TNA definitely needs to invest in going forward.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Bully Ray’s return
Match of the Night: EC3 vs. Galloway (**1/2)
Overall Grade: D

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