Jason Namako’s Ring of Honor TV Review
July 1, 2015
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

This will be short and sweet this week as I don’t have really that much thoughts on the show. Was a simple “Road Rage” holdover edition of the show before the new TV from New York City kicks off next week. Virtual Code of Honor, let’s get right to it.

The Addiction vs. Kazuchika Okada & Gedo – Fun tag match, Daniels & Kazarian worked well with Okada here, nice sequences. Gedo played his role well, obviously Okada was not gonna take the loss here. Good stuff all around.

Adam Page vs. Watanabe – Solid match, outside sequences were nuts with the Shooting Star and release German. Colby getting involved constantly, leading to the finish, plays into the overall Decade storyline, so that was done well. Rite of Passage finisher by Page is BRUTAL.

AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole – Helluva main event and better than their first match back in September of 2014 on iPPV. Cole, with this being his first match back since undergoing shoulder surgery, got right back into the fold and appeared to not lose a step at all. Bloody Sunday on the apron was INSANE, especially for Cole to be willing to do in his first match back from injury. Finish of Styles just laying absolute waste to Cole and the post-match of Cole wanting to adhere to the Code of Honor, after spitting in Styles’ hand before the match, was a nice little storyline deal and coupled in with what happened at Best in the World, a good, little trigger point for an eventual Cole babyface turn. Match was great, go check this out if you see nothing else on ROH this week.


Overall as mentioned, this was a holdover show for ROH before next week’s jumpstart in New York City, but they got to showcase one helluva Styles vs. Cole match, so I would consider that a nice, little through-the-middle single for ROH on this night.

After one more virtual Code of Honor, I bid you aideu for this week. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you next week in New York City for more of Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America! Have a good one!

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