Adam Martin reviews WWE Money in the Bank 2015

WWE Money in the Bank PPV Review
June 15, 2015
By: Adam Martin of

WWE continued a streak of solid PPV events with Money in the Bank on Sunday.

Payback was an excellent show in May. Elimination Chamber provided fresh match ups just two weeks ago. Sunday night was no different in Columbus with Money in the Bank.

Feedback we received on Sunday evening.

@jeffery_costa: “Excellent PPV. All matches were great but personally I wanted Reigns to win the MITB.”

@LennyStarkNJ: “Seth gets closure (for now). Dean & Roman have ways to go (not bad at all). Rematch & Ladder Matches CRUSHED IT. #MITB”

@MapleJordan43: “Thought it was a very lousy effort tonight, Owens-Cena delivered but rest of the show was a total fart noise, thank god for NBA”

@bigstupid21: “Owens/Cena 2 was great, I kinda felt for Reigns, didn’t see Sheamus winning, I liked the ending of the title match it was different”

Fun finish to Rollins vs. Ambrose

The crowd felt a little burnt out by the time this main event rolled around. Understandbly so after a hot opener and an off the charts great match between John Cena and Kevin Owens. It took them a while, but the incredible offense between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose shined through and provided a solid PPV main event. The bumps both of these guys took alone was enough to make you jump out of your seat. I was the most impressed with the launching powerbomb spots that Ambrose took from Rollins into the ring barricades. The finish was really fun and left you feeling like Ambrose barely lost. “Proud Papa” Triple H firing up Rollins pre-match and congratulating him post-match is still fun.

John Cena and Kevin Owens tear down the house

Cena and Owens have incredible chemistry despite hardly working together. It’s scary good. The crowd in Columbus was eating up the offensive transitions between the two. I’ve become quite the critic of the overdone finisher kick outs in WWE matches the last few years. Cena and Owens found a way to make that formula work and make you care. Kudos to Cena’s reaction shots and arguing with the referee about the call. It gave it a real genuine big fight feel, especially the constant yelling and aggressiveness of Owens. With Cena getting the win to make things even, you have to think a rubber match is next.

Best “Money in the Bank” match in years

I must say that while I still enjoy the overall concept of the “Money in the Bank” briefcase, I’m not a fan of multi-man ladder matches – especially after the cluster at WrestleMania earlier this year. I have to eat my words tonight. WWE found a way to create some fun offense using the ladder with effective transitions. Probably the best part about the whole match was the build up to Roman Reigns getting close and having the rug pulled out from underneath him by an interfering Bray Wyatt. It was executed perfectly with Reigns being the heavy favorite. I’m interested to see a briefcase run with Sheamus.

Quick Thoughts

* I really enjoyed the finish setup for Nikki Bella vs. Paige tonight.

* Ryback and Big Show had a really fun match. The Miz involvement made sense.

* The New Day act is really catching on. Almost felt too soon to pull the titles off them.

Overall Impression

With a quick two week turn around after Elimination Chamber, WWE was able to pull off another really fun PPV event with Money in the Bank. While the episodes of RAW aren’t getting any shorter, these special events are still delivering and getting the job done.

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