The Final Impact
June 4, 2015

By: Josh Boutwell of

I have to start off this week by saying that I thought TNA had a pretty solid outing had it not been for a couple of massive missteps in the show (one far bigger than the other). TNA has been so good, in my opinion, since last Summer that it really sucks to see them pull something like they did with the Storm/Mickie angle this week. Don’t get me wrong I love James Storm’s psychotic character and I was intrigued to see where they would take this thing, but this was way too stupid for words. I know we all have to suspend belief when watching wrestling, it’s the same as watching a movie sometimes, but when you take it too far you just simply insult our intelligence. And yes I understand that some fans will point to things in the past like the Horsemen chasing Dusty Rhodes down and literally assaulting him with a baseball bat and things of that nature as great times when wrestling took things too far and it was awesome, but this was above and beyond. You had one character supposedly murdering or at the very least ATTEMPTING to murder another character and it shown on a television show like it’s just another angle. Come on man that is just ridiculous. Both Mickie and Storm are way too great of talents to be stuck doing some ridiculous crap like that and it really put a sour note on the show for me.

With that said the promo between Spud, Angle, and EC3 was really solid to open the show and I love the fire that Spud speaks with at times. The tag match itself was short and sweet. Nothing great but nothing horrible. The primary thing there was Aries coming in and saying that he would cash in his title shot next week.

I think maybe they are doing too many things at once there with Aries because he is already in the midst of a Best of 5 Series so to throw him in that just feels like filler honestly. The match this week with The Wolves and Dirty Heels was terrific though and I think the best they have had thus far. They told a perfect story. The Dirty Heels said before the match that they would do anything to win and they proved it with the finish. I loved the mind games and the Eddie Guerrero style tricking of the referee and the babyfaces leading to the Dirty Heels victory. It’s just too bad that the fact that the Dirty Heels were playing everyone during that sequence seemed to be lost on good ole Josh Matthews.

Speaking of commentary I love The Pope in that role and though I think he is really good and down the line I think that could end up being his forte when he retires, I truly hope this leads to him coming back to the ring in TNA before he decides to retire.

Jade/Brooke was a decent little match but I really couldn’t care less about the Beautiful People stuff. Those two need to be separated for quite awhile before they ever go back to each other whether teaming or feuding either way. The Knockouts got plenty of shine this week with all of their TV time. I just wish the X-Division could get that same treatment. “Destination X” is next week and it doesn’t look like there will be any X-Division match at all other than Spud getting his title shot. That is pretty damn ridiculous.

Lashley/Young was okay but nowhere near the quality of match they have had in the past. I just can’t get into Chris Melendez, they play too hard off of his military background. It feels just like Gunner but ramped up even more, except Melendez has probably half the ability that Gunner does.

Good match between BDC/The Rising, that is just 6 really good workers that I like to see in the ring. I hope that Galloway gets a big push soon. I think he and EC3 could have a hell of a run together.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Opening promo
– Match of the Night: Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: C

Until next week… PEACE!

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