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November 24, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of


Alberto Heading to TNA & Lucha Underground?

Recently AAA’s Alberto del Rio said that he was going to be signing with two difference companies in 2015 that have TV deals. This, of course, sent the internet into debate mode, but then del Rio said at a convention last week among fans that he was going to work for TNA and Lucha Underground in 2015. That should be pretty interesting and given TNA and AAA’s history together, a couple of cross promotional angles or even big cards in the future would be awesome but unlikely.

AAA 11/17 “Sin Limite” TV Taping Results

1) Ludxor & Venum def. Gran Apache & Carta Brava Jr.

2) Dinastia & Mini Drago def. Mini Murder Clown & Mini Psycho Clown

3) Demon Rocker, Joe Lider, & Taya Valkyrie def. Bengala, Drago, & Fabi Apache

4) Pentagon Jr. & Super Fly def. Aerostar & Australian Suicide

5) Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, & Monster Clown) def. Los Hell Brothers (Averno, Chessman, & Cibernetico) via DQ

6) Triple Threat: Bro-Mans (Robbie E & Zema Ion) def. Fenix & Myzteziz and Angelico & Jack Evans

7) Perro Aguayo Jr. & Texano Jr. def. El Mesias & Alberto el Patron


– After the second match a fan ran into the ring to celebrate with Dinastia, but then attacked Dinastia and revealed himself to be the returning Mini Charly Manson.

– Pentagon Jr. was announced as a new member of Los Perros del Mal. Super Fly pinned Aerostar clean and then demanded a Mask vs. Mask Match which will likely be happening soon.

– Ciber pulled off Psycho’s mask to cause the DQ in their match and then the Hell Brothers challenged Psycho Circus to defend their Trios Titles against them. Konnan then walked out and demanded that the Hell Brothers join La Sociedad by “Guerra de Titanes” or they would take the Hell Brothers out.

– Joe Lider & Pentagon ran out and helped Bro-Mans win the Triple Threat. Pentagon & Lider then demanded that Evans & Angelico give them a Tag Title shot, but Mysteziz & Fenix want one as well so they agreed to a 3-Way for the belts.

– Alberto had Texano beat in the Main Event with the Cross Armbreaker, but Perro laid out the referee with a chair and then fouled Alberto as Konnan brought out another referee to give Perro the win.

AAA 12/07 “Guerra de Titanes” Lineup

1) AAA Minis Title: Dinastia (c) vs. Mini Charly Manson

2) Fabi Apache & TBA vs. Sexy Star & Taya Valkyrie

3) AAA Tag Team Titles Triple Threat: Angelico & Jack Evans (c) vs. Pentagon Jr. & Joe Lider vs. Myzteziz & Fenix

4) AAA Trios Titles: Psycho Circus (c) vs. Los Hell Brothers

5) Mask vs. Mask Match: Aerostar vs. Super Fly

6) AAA World Title: Texano Jr. (c) vs. Alberto el Patron


New Welterweight Champion to Be Crowned

CMLL announced that they would FINALLY be crowning a new CMLL World Welterweight Champion at the end of December in a tournament featuring Triton, Mascara Dorada, Rey Cometa, Delta, Fuego, Titan, Negro Casas, Polvora, Kamaitachi, & Sangre Azteca. That title has been vacant ever since Mistico II’s injury back earlier this year. The even more ridiculous thing is that Mistico II is scheduled to take part in the tour of Japan in January so why they even vacated the title to begin with just to name a new champion a month before his return (unless he is just making appearances in Japan and not wrestling) is beyond me.

CMLL Stars for Japanese Tour Announced

This week New Japan and CMLL announced the roster for their annual “FantasticaMania” tour of Japan in January. Rush was originally scheduled to be a part of this tour before his recent leg injury. The full roster of luchadors is below:

– Atlantis

– Ultimo Guerrero

– La Sombra – NWA Middleweight Champion

– Volador Jr. – NWA Welterweight Champion

– Mistico II

– Gran Guerrero

– Mr. Niebla

– Barbaro Cavernario

– Mascara Dorada

– Polvora

– Mephisto – Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion

– Shigeo Okumura

– Angel de Oro – CMLL World Welterweight Champion

– Stuka Jr.

– Rey Cometa

– Triton

– Stigma

2nd Generation Stars Receive Name Change

This week CMLL announced that Cachorro and Black Panther are undergoing name changes. Both are sons of the legendary Blue Panther and Cachorro will now be known as The Panther while Black Panther will be known as Blue Panther Jr. from here on out. Yeah, this is very confusing. Both of them debuted in CMLL at the beginning of this year and are expected to be potential top stars in the future.

CMLL 11/17 Arena Puebla Results

1) Centauro de Fuego, Guerrero Espacial, & Inquisidor def. Black Tiger, Milenium, & Robin

2) La Amapola, Tiffany, & Zeuxis def. Estrellita, Goya Kong, & Marcela

3) Bobby Zavala, Kamaitachi, & Shigeo Okumura def. Dragon Lee, Rey Cometa, & Stigma

4) Mascara Dorada, Titan, & Valiente def. Barbaro Cavernario, Mephiost, & Polvora via DQ

5) Atlantis def. Shocker

CMLL 11/18 Arena Mexico Results

1) Shockercito & Stukita def. Mercurio & Pequeno Nitro

2) Hombre Bala Jr., Star Jr., & Super Halcon Jr. def. Canelo Casas, El Rebelde, & Nitro

3) Dragon Lee, Fuego, & Triton def. Cancerbero, Shigeo Okumura, & Raziel via DQ

4) Lightning Match: Zeuzis def. Estrellita

5) Angel de Oro, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Stuka Jr. def. Ephesto, Hechicero, & Hombre sin Nombre

6) La Mascara, Brazo de Plata, & Titan def. Negro Casas, Euforia, & Niebla Roja

CMLL 11/18 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results

1) El Brillante & Virgo def. Angelico & Sadico

2) Arkangel de la Muerte, Metalico, & Rafaga def. Leo, Omar Brunetti, & Soberano Jr.

3) Misterioso II, Pierroth, & Sagrado def. Delta, Gallo, & Guerrero Maya Jr.

4) Marco Corleone, Maximo, & Valiente def. Barbaro Cavernario, Felino, & Thunder via DQ

5) Ultimo Guerrero & Gran Guerrero def. Atlantis & Mascara Dorada

CMLL 11/21 Arena Mexico Results

1) Blue Panther Jr. & Triton def. Arkangel de la Muerte & Hijo del Signo

2) Dragon Lee, Pegasso, & Rey Cometa def. Kamaitachi, Shigeo Okumura, & Virus

3) Blue Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr., & Delta def. Barbaro Cavernario, Felino, & Rey Bucanero via DQ

4) Lightning Match: Angel de Oro def. Mephisto

5) Shocker, El Terrible, & Vangelis def. Maximo, Brazo de Plata, & Titan

6) Atlantis, Volador Jr., & Valiente def. Ultimo Guerrero, Thunder, & Euforia via DQ

CMLL 11/24 Arena Puebla Lineup

1) Metatron & Tigre Rojo vs. Fuerza Chicana & Hijo del Signo

2) Dark Angel, La Vaquerita, & Marcela vs. La Amapola, Dalis la Caribena, & Zeuxis

3) Black Panther, Fuego, & Pegasso vs. Cancerbero, Shigeo Okumura, & Raziel

4) Mascara Dorada, Titan, & Valiente vs. Barbaro Cavernario, Mephisto, & Polvora

5) Negro Casas, Thunder, & Ephesto vs. La Mascara, Volador Jr., & Brazo de Plata

CMLL 11/28 Arena Mexico Lineup

1) Oro Jr. & Starman vs. Disturbio & Metalico

2) Estrellita, Goya Kong, & Princesa Sujei vs. Dalis la Caribena, La Comandante, & Tiffany

3) Dragon Rojo Jr., Mascara Droada, & Rey Cometa vs. Euforia, Negro Casas, & Niebla Roja

4) Lightning Match: Felino vs. Rey Bucanero

5) Blue Panther, Brazo de Plata, & Maximo vs. Barbaro Cavernario, Shocker, & Vangelis

6) Volador Jr., Atlantis, & La Mascara vs. El Terrible, Thunder, & Ultimo Guerrero


INDY 11/15 Arena Neza Results

1) Dr. Trauma def. Iron Black

2) Nahual & Ovni def. Platino & Principe Azteca

3) Imperio Negro & Moto Cross def. Holkan & Tony Cirio Jr.

4) Gato Montes, Rey de Oros, & Rey Infierno def. Epidemia, Heavy Boy, & Magnifico II

5) Guerrero Maya Jr. & Hechicero fought Trauma I & Trauma II to a DRAW

6) Black Terry & Solar I def. Black Panther & Ultimo Guerrero

IWRG 11/16 Arena Naucalpan Results

1) Alfa & Sky Osana def. Anubis Black & Atomic Star

2) Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota, & Septimo Dragon def. Apolo Estrada, Avisman, & Hip Hop Man

3) Super Libre Match: El Hijo del Diablo, Trauma I, & Trauma II def. Dr. Cerebro, Negro Navarro, & Relampago

4) Losers Advance Relevos Suicidas Match: Eterno & Super Nova def. Canis Lupus & Golden Magic

5) IWRG IC Welterweight Title: Canis Lupus def. Golden Magic (c) to win the title!

6) Hijo de Dos Caras, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., & Veneno def. Eterno, Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, & Pirata Morgan

WCS 11/16 “1st Anniversary Show” Arena Coliseo Coacalco Results

1) Trofeo Tributo Extreme Scramble Match: Tornado def. Alfa, Aviador, Diablo Azteka, Furier, Omega, & Yoruba

2) WCS Middleweight Title #1 Contenders Scramble Match: Centvrion def. Fulgor I, Fulgor II, Mr. Leo, Ojo de Tigre Jr., & Sacristan del Diablo

3) WCS Trios Titles: Acolito del Diablo, El Mimo, & Kripta def. Arez, Belial, & Impulso to win the titles!

4) Fly Warrior fought Herodes Jr. to a DRAW

5) Extreme Rules Match: Demente Xtreme & Los Porros (Angel o Demonio, Big Memo, & Obett) def. Fly Metalik, Cancer, Manimal, & Terremoto

6) Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Fly Star def. Toxin Boy

7) Extreme Rules 3-Way: Wotan def. Chuey Martinez & Enfermo

IWRG/FILL 11/19 Arena Naucalpan Results

1) Mercenario de la Muerte, Pequeno Mercenario, & Skanda def. Pequeno Pumita, Vardeus, & Voltar

2) Chicanito, Dragon Blanco, & Fly Tiger def. Guerrero 2000, Sexy Girl, & Ultimo Caballero

3) Adrenalina, Aguila Oriental, & Marduk def. Charly Boy, Ojo de Tigre, & Psique

4) Black Cobra, Black Niko, & Galaxy def. Payaso de Plata, Payaso Extremo, & Vampiro Metalico

5) Atomic Star, Hip Hop Man, & Magnum 44 def. Aramis, Black Angel, & Shadow Boy

6) Copa Higher Power Torneo Cibernetico: Anubis Black, Arana de Plata, Dragon Celestial, Electro Boy, Omega, Power Bull, Saruman, & Sky Angel fought Arkanos, Balack, Danger King, Energia, Impacto, Principe Negro, Rayo Star, & Skull Metal to a DRAW

IWRG 11/23 Arena Naucalpan Lineup

1) Alfa & Saruman vs. Arana de Plata & Hip Hop Man

2) Dragon Celestial, Emperador Azteca, & Septimo Dragon vs. Liderk, Rayan, & Spartan

3) IWRG IC Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Fatal 4-Way: Diva Salvaje & Miss Gaviota vs. Golden Magic & Relampago vs. Canis Lupus & Eterno vs. Trauma I & Trauma II

4) IWRG IC Tag Team Titles: Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47 (c) vs. TBA

5) Toscano, Hijo de Dos Caras, & Veneno vs. Chicano, Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, & Universo 2000

DTU 12/05 Arena Coliseo Cordobes Lineup

1) Los Porritos vs. Chiqui Nerds vs. Masatizo

2) Malakariado I, Malakariado II, & Malakariado III vs. Black Baby, Principe Infernal, & Sepultura

3) Jimmy, Kevin, & Tony vs. Hacker, Jhonky, & Optimus

4) Ringo Acosta & Rockero Tri vs. Lazzerman & Super Orion Jr.

5) Artikus, Lanzeloth, & Rocky Lobo vs. Aeropower, Angel Azul, & Ferrari Ult. Gen

6) Crazy Boy & Gremlin vs. Drastik Boy & Vengador vs. Cotty Santiago & Low Rider

7) INDY Light Heavyweight Title: Jinzo (c) vs. Super Marco vs. Septimo Dragon vs. Chika YeYe

8) Miedo Extremo & Ovett vs. Ciclope & Slayer Packer vs. Black Fire & Angel o Demonio

DTU 12/07 Rio Blanco Lineup

1) Chiki Nerds vs. Masizito vs. Porritos

2) Corazon Latino, Crazy Star, & Otpimus vs. Junior, Principe Infernal, & Sepultura

3) Jimmy, Kevin, & Tony vs. El Junior, El Nene, & Kalibius vs. Aero Azul, Aero Power, & Ferrari Ug

4) Black Fire & Slayer Pack vs. Cotty Santiago & Low Rider

5) DTU Nexo Title Torneo Semifinals: Jinzo & Rocky Lobo vs. Artikus & Lanzeloth

6) Ladder Match: Angel o Demonio vs. Ovett vs. Crazy Boy vs. Black Baby vs. Ciclope vs. Jhonky

7) Scaffold Match: Drastik Boy vs. Septimo Dragon vs. Gremlin vs. Vengador vs. Chica Ye-Ye.

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