Jason Namako reviews WWE Survivor Series 2014

WWE Survivor Series 2014 PPV Review
November 23, 2014
By: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

This was as advertised going in, a one-match show, but what a one match it was.

Strong Main Event puts Survivor Series over the top

One helluva of a main event, with twists & turns every which way. Quick Henry elimination was beautifully done, but also in a way in hindsight, foreshadowed the Show turn later on in the match. Ryback being eliminated so early was a definite head-scratcher, as WWE has been trying to rehab him for the last few weeks. Rusev being counted out protected him in a well-done way, by taking himself out getting a bit too over-zealous with the table spot. Show turning, while its probably his 34th heel turn, was a nice shock surprise that no one saw coming. Getting Cena out of there so early towards the end and giving Ziggler the Shawn Michaels 3-on-1 disadvantage spot was a very well-done booking move and proved Triple H’s statement that the future is now by making Ziggler & Rollins the final two. Ziggler was re-made as a big star in one night, he is now up there in the top echelon of babyfaces for WWE, he was AWESOME in this match. Rowan & Harper got some nice sequences. Close of the show with the Authority, especially Stephanie McMahon, selling the denial of losing, was phenomenal. THIS is why we all like Stephanie McMahon as a character. All in all, a very strong main event and one of the best WWE main events this year, from an all-around standpoint. 

He’s a man called Sting and he FINALLY debuts in WWE

Ah, the Sting debut, he’s finally here. While he got a big reaction, the new music definitely threw off the live crowd somewhat where it hurt the debut a bit. Had they went with the usual music, he would have gotten a much better reaction. Sting laying out Triple H and causing the Authority to lose plain as day sets up Sting’s first match with the company for Wrestlemania 31 and I have zero problem with it. With Undertaker probably being done as a performer and the Rock having too many movies on his plate for the Spring of 2015, Sting/Taker and Rock/Triple H are thrown out the window for Sting/Triple H.

Weird way to possibly say goodbye to AJ Lee

Well, AJ got Daniel Bryan’d, in almost the same amount of time, 18 seconds. As a way to potentially write out AJ from the company, perfectly fine. If not, then I scratch my head at that match structure. Brie going heel with her sister is the right move, if this sticks, Bellas as heels had WAY more traction in their 2011-2012 run than both of their recent runs as babyfaces. Good decision from that standpoint, nothing to the match at all, purely an angle.

Ambrose & Wyatt deliver fun first encounter in their rivalry

Very fun brawl between two of the best brawlers in the WWE. DQ finish was perfectly fine to continue the rivalry between these two and the use of tables, chairs and ladders by Ambrose in the post-match beatdown of Wyatt leads me to believe that this will be the TLC Match on next month’s TLC PPV and was indeed announced as such later on. Good stuff.

Undercard is hit-or-miss, but there was more good than bad

Very fun opener with the 4-Way Tag Team Title match. Tower of Doom Back Suplex spot was insane. Finishing stretch was very well done. Mizdow getting the pinfall was the absolute best thing for the Miz & Mizdow dynamic. Perfectly fine Divas multi-woman match. Good action throughout. Kidd acting like he won after was priceless, fits his new persona to a tee. Bonus match was a simple, fun showcase to continue the Adam Rose and the Bunny break-up as a pairing. Nothing more to it than that. Roman Reigns promo was another bland promo, even with more fire shown than in prior promos, still bland and not good to me.


So, Survivor Series, even with some good stuff on the undercard, was indeed, a one-match show, it was one helluva main event and caused me to give Survivor Series a solid thumbs in the middle, leaning to thumbs up. Go check this show out, especially the main event, on the WWE Network for FREE, or for just $9.99. Later!

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