Wrestleview.com's Josh Boutwell reacts to Nancy Grace segment on the Ultimate Warrior

Reacting to Nancy Grace
April 11, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

This week one of the most repugnant “talking heads” on TV drew the ire of wrestling fans all over the world when discussing The Ultimate Warrior’s death with Diamond Dallas Page. Nancy Grace is used to saying outlandish and sensationalist things to draw interest to her overbearing television show. Of course she only cares about things like drug or steroid use in wrestling when a high profile person passes away, like Chris Benoit before the Warrior, and when there isn’t a white kid that has been kidnapped (because we know if their skin color is a little bit darker Nancy doesn’t care either).

On Wednesday night, Nancy Grace harped on wrestlers “dying young” because of a lifestyle of drug and steroid abuse. Then, she posted a list of names of wrestlers that died young. Among those names were people like Owen Hart (died of a fall), Mark Curtis (stomach cancer), and Chris Candido (a blood clot) among others that most certainly did not die of anything even remotely related to drugs or steroids. Of course she never outright said Owen Hart or any of these others died because of steroids, at least not in the segment I saw, but that is the Nancy Grace way. Don’t outright say it so you can be sued for slander, just imply it.

Nancy continuously suggested that “vast rumors of drug and steroid use involved in Warrior’s death.” This is something she repeated at least 3 times during the segment. The only person spreading those rumors is Nancy Grace. We know very little of why Ultimate Warrior died, the autopsy wasn’t even done when Nancy went on her TV show to discuss this.

This seems to be a reoccurring thing with pretty much anything that Nancy Grace can sensationalize for ratings, but wrestling continues to draw the ire of this stuff anytime a tragedy occurs. Grace made sure to suggest steroids were involved in Chris Benoit’s death long before anything was known. When it came out that head trauma was more than likely the cause, did she correct herself on air? Of course not, she just moved onto the next “outrage” until she could again bring up steroids in wrestling.

I feel like DDP got setup and ambushed to talk about steroids when he was more than likely asked to just simply come on and talk about the Warrior’s life which DDP confirmed on his Twitter. Many names in the wrestling business including WWE’s Zeb Colter and Road Dogg as well as others like Jim Cornette, TNA’s Gail Kim, Owen Hart’s brother Smith, and The Iron Sheik have spoken out via Twitter for their disgust over Nancy Grace’s claims.

Wrestling always seems to rarely ever be mentioned in the mainstream unless there is a tragedy to exploit which is frustrating enough to those of us that just love wrestling, but then you have a disgusting human being that doesn’t care that a wife and two children lost their father only days following one of the happiest days for hat family. No, she just cares about sensationalizing a tragedy so people watch and talk about her show. That is until another little white kid gets kidnapped or another celebrity goes to rehab, then it’s on to the next outrage. Who cares what pain she causes to friends and family and even fans she leaves in her wake right? Do yourself and everyone else a favor everyone, just do not watch anything this woman has to say.

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