Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 4/10/14

The Final Impact
April 11, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

What the hell can I say here? I don’t know if I’m more shocked or more disappointed and frustrated. First off, before I rant I’ll say congratulations to Eric Young because the guy definitely has busted his ass for a decade to not get much for it until now.

With that said, time to rant.

My God this was horrible, one of the worst decisions TNA could have ever made in my opinion. First off it was done for two reasons in my mind and it’s going to be hard to convince me otherwise. They wanted to create their own Daniel Bryan feel good moment to capitalize on Daniel Bryan-mania and they wanted to create a shocking moment which in turn leads me to believe Vince Russo is damn sure involved in some capacity in creative in this damn company again. This is just ridiculous. If you want to build up EY as a possible contender at some point, fine do that but to turn a guy that was a damn Knockouts Tag Team Champion a year ago and then suddenly in a month’s time turn him into a World Champion when he was literally just playing a goofball a couple of months ago. This is embarrassing for TNA and one of the most blatantly ripped off things (the Daniel Bryan thing) that I’ve seen in a long time. Not only that but you just destroyed Magnus, he’s done for. I don’t think there is any coming back from this. Yes, he defeated AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe, but he didn’t pin a single person clean during his entire run. He couldn’t even beat the goofball that was wrestling women not too long ago, I feel bad for him.

What about Samoa Joe too? They announce at the beginning of the show that Joe “informed” the office that he wouldn’t be there. Boy, this screams a walkout to me. Did Joe just say “to hell with this company” when he found out that they were putting the belt on EY? I wouldn’t be shocked and honestly wouldn’t blame him. Not anything against EY, it just makes zero sense. Eric Young is your World Champion TNA, think about that for a second. Had they just did the match and had EY come close to winning it only for Magnus to come away with the win it would have worked so much better. EY looks good and looks legit while Magnus actually gets a clean win for once. Now I have no idea what the hell they’re going to do. I would assume Magnus gets a rematch at Sacrifice, yeah that is definitely going to sell some PPVs. This crap just makes my head hurt.

The Battle Royal was fine but when it got down to the Final Four was there anyone that wasn’t sure EY was winning? I doubt it. It’s just so frustrating that they can dedicate 30 minutes to a Battle Royal but we can barely ever get a straight up wrestling match on TV over 10 minutes.

The Tag Titles Match was fine but short as hell as usual. Bro-Mans are just doing this whole Edge & Christian type thing of trying to get out of title defenses. I would assume this will go on long enough for the PPV and be over with, but who the hell are they going to feud with? It’s almost a safe bet to assume Bad Influence is done with TNA so there goes what could have been a great tag feud. Who now? There literally is not one other tag team in the entire freaking company. Beer Money teased some stuff in the Battle Royal so maybe they will get back together down the line, but Roode is still involved with the Bully Ray storyline.

I’m done with this Willow crap, it’s just not interesting. What the hell are they doing with Bobby Lashley? This guy comes back and they’ve done nothing with him. Where the hell is Austin Aries? Chris Sabin? Tigre Uno? If Aries is also done with the company then good lord things are about to get bad. No follow up with Kenny King, just a frustrating show tonight.

The Knockouts had a really fun match and was a highlight of the show and I actually enjoyed the Bully Ray-Dixie confrontation. Other than that I just wish I could forget this whole show.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Dixie-Bully
– Match of the Night: Magnus vs. EY and Battle Royal (**1/2)
– Overall Grade: D-

Until next week… PEACE!
Josh Boutwell Peace

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