Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 9/12/13

The Final Impact 
September 20, 2013 
By: Josh Boutwell of

The best way I can describe tonight’s Impact would be…filler. At least until the end, but the rest of the show just screamed of filler.

They teased more dissension in A&8 but it was really just more of the same minus Knux standing up to Bully.

Mickie and ODB had an okay match but it was just too short, and it felt like it was simply done in case they can’t re-sign Mickie (which was obviously the case). Mickie has been doing some of her best work during this heel run so I really hope TNA can work something out with her and bring her back. That would be a major loss for an already thin Knockouts division especially with Taryn Terrell out for the time being.

Manik and Hardy had a good match but it too was just too short. It was obvious that was just designed to make Manik look strong in defeat to a big star. It was just too short to really accomplish that in a way that would have mattered. Chris Sabin’s heel turn is interesting but a bit random at the same time. I hate it for him that he is getting knocked back down to the X-Division after being the World Champion, but then again what else is he going to do with all of the other stuff going on at the top of the card. Hopefully Manik and Sabin can put together a fun program together. I would assume that is the feud we get for the X-Division headed into BFG, maybe with some involvement from Hardy? They seem to be unsure of what to do with Hardy right now.

Speaking of filler, good lord that entire segment with Bro-Mans and the weird trio was so much filler. It wasn’t even entertaining so it was just a waste of time. Why not just give that time to Manik and Hardy or the Knockouts? It was just unnecessary.

Gunner and Hernandez did not do well tonight and Gunner talking is never a good idea, more filler.

Now things started to pick up. The 6-Man Tag was really fun, and the way the heels pretty much destroyed Sting for the better part of the match was great, old school style tag wrestling. It also built towards the hot tag at the end. They didn’t focus near enough on Magnus “taking a bullet” for Sting at the end though.

AJ and Dixie’s promo was…interesting. It definitely wasn’t what I expected, I mean I doubt anyone expected Dixie to turn heel. It really came off like Dixie has taken everything anyone has ever said negative about her whether on the internet or otherwise and jammed it into that promo. She seemed a bit unnatural at times but at the same time she showed some pretty decent passion behind her words which added to it. I never want to see Dixie Carter became a staple of TV like Vince McMahon but this could make for something interesting if it’s not overdone and if it’s done right. There was very little Hogan tonight so that should make people happy, it surely did me. It was also pretty funny to see Dixie pretty much just brush Hogan off backstage with all the rumors that have been coming out this past week.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Dixie/AJ
– Match of the Night: 6-Man Tag (***)
– Overall Grade: C

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