Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 3/14/13

Josh’s Final Impact
March 15, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

The first show on the road was a bit up and down for me but the atmosphere was great and really made a big difference from my viewpoint. The Aces & Eights reveal of Bully Ray as President didn’t come as a shock to most people and if you read my thoughts every week you know that it’s the way I’ve felt they would go for awhile now (I think I incorrectly predicted that would be the reveal at BFG). Bully Ray delivered an incredibly strong (and affective) promo at the PPV and started off the show with much of the same.

We did get a bit of an Aces & Eights overload but I guess it’s understandable since they are trying to make them look as strong as ever and get this story across.

The Knockouts match was solid though I’m not sure I like where they are going with Gail Kim & Terrell. I don’t think I’ve seen more than a few clips of Terrell in the ring so I’m not sure how good she is or isn’t. Usually referees turning into wrestlers don’t work out too well (see Shane Sewell and how I used to bitch about that one a few years ago). Where does Velvet go from here? Tara again? Madison Rayne? ODB? Turn Mickie? A new girl?

Bad Influence was just awesome with their Legion of Doom tribute. Those two have been absolute gold for quite some time now. Okay (and short) action from Storm & Daniels but that was mainly about the AJ return. He got a big pop when he was originally announced (and didn’t come out) but little to no reaction when he actually came out (though that may have been because he just walked out with no music and was wearing street clothes possibly leading the fans to believe it was an Aces & Eights member). AJ attacking Bad Influence but then turning right around and laying Storm out (remember Storm is the one that pinned AJ in that match where the loser wouldn’t receive a title shot for a year) was nice and came off really well. It also left us with a bit of a cliffhanger and wandering what in the world is going on with AJ.

Roode & Aries were great messing with Sting (and the way Roode left Aries out to dry there) but I’m not so sure how I feel about the “Dirty Heels” name if they do go with that. Before I go on I’ll touch on the Bobby Roode contract issue. There are no words to describe how absolutely ridiculous that anyone in that company could allow Roode’s contract to expire, stupidity doesn’t quite describe it. Thankfully it all worked out and Roode is back (with probably a bit heavier pockets) and he and Aries can continue on. Aries-Sting was probably the best match Sting has had in years. They really did put together a really fun match and it sounded like the live crowd enjoyed it just as much as I did. The only thing that hurt it was the non-finish but it didn’t hurt either guy and heel Aries wasn’t going over Sting at this point especially with what’s been happening with Sting & Aces.

The Robbie E & Rob Terry rematch was completely unnecessary and it blows my mind how they could book him in that match as a monster and then turn around and have him dancing like a goof ball right afterward. Dumb is the only world I can think to describe it.

The closing brawl was pretty fun but probably went on far too long, it started to resemble a Battle Royal eventually. Aces & Eights ended the show like it began, looking really strong.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Bad Influence
Match of the Night: Sting vs. Aries (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B-

Until next week… PEACE!

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